Halo Harness

Halo Harness (Small) W/Leash Bundle


Halo Harness (Small) W/Leash Bundle
Halo Harness (Small) W/Leash Bundle Halo Harness (Small) W/Leash Bundle

The Halo Harness - Built custom just for our little buddies. We found that the slide rail was awkward for our smallest size so we replaced it with stainless steel rings in key points so you can walk side by side with your dog.

Why a Halo Harness:

The only patented mid-point design allowing proper side to side walking position. The side position allows center of gravity control thus controlling the body and the legs. A slight tug offsets your buddies forward momentum back to control. 

The Halo Harness Difference is the Point of Attachment

  • Focused on optimal control within the anatomically positioned core center of gravity- at the dog’s side mid-point. 
  • The side mid-point effectively controls the body and the legs thus eliminating pressure on the neck and upper spine found in other collars.  
  • Halo Harness eliminates lead dog work sensation found in typical top center harnesses attachments

Elimination of Damage in Critical Neck Area

  • Eliminates strain and damage to sensitive trachea, vertebrae, esophagus, and jugular. The gasping, choking along with more severe affects are eliminated with the Halo Harness versus traditional neck dog collar.

Quality and Innovation Built In:

The Halo Harness was developed over many months with the best quality materials we could source. Each part of the Halo Harness has been tested for strength or comfort to give you and your dog the best experience possible. 

Stainless Steel Rings

  • Located on the side and center for optimal control while walking side by side with your buddy

Spacer Mesh Lining

  • Hugs the contours of your pup
  • Extremely porous, keeps your pup cool and dry

Stainless Steel Webbing Loop

  • Passes 300lb test for those little dogs that think big

100% Polyester Webbing 

  • Super strong and durable when your dog pulls often

Quick Release Belly Buckle

  • Passes 300lb pull test
  • Connect to your dog with a click

Oxford Shell Material

  • Breathable, durable fabric weave that is easy to clean
  • 100% polyester weave that gets softer with use
  • Water resistant fabric with PVC coated backing
  • Great abrasion resistance

Padded Core

  • Padded Foam lining adds stiffness while still conforming to your pup

Big Head Buckle

  • For your little guy with a big head (literally) to get the harness on easily

Size and Fit:

We want you to get the optimal fit for your Halo Harness (we do give you 60 days to make sure you get it right!). It comes in 4 sizes from 20" to 37". To get the correct measurement, use a tape measure to measure around the torso right behind the front legs of your dog. Note that we sell the small as a separate product due its small size and use of stainless loops instead of slide rail. 


Halo Harness Leash:

The dual handle Halo Harness leash was design to work with the Halo Harness but works great with other collars or harnesses too. The soft neoprene lower handle (traffic handle) keeps tighter control with side to side training and the upper handle lets you walk in a more relaxed manner. Comes with a handy D-ring for car keys or poop bags and reflective stitching to make sure you and your pooch are seen at night or in low light. 

6 FT Length. 

Features: Dual handle, neoprene wrapped handles for comfort, reflective stitching, 3mm thick extra durable construction.


Free Shipping on every order over $20. We also offer a 30 day window to try the Halo Harness along with a limited lifetime warranty due to materials or craftsmanship on all Halo products