Halo Harness

The No-Pull Device Myth

Our research and testing results agree with our belief that there is no such apparatus that prevents a dog from pulling. Pulling while on a leash is a behavior and proper training is the only true solution. For this reason, we don’t adhere to the “No Pull” statements claimed by other brands in the market.

What we offer is a different solution in the control and training to offset pulling.
Typical collars and harnesses are attached at neck or top center of the spine allowing the dog to be in front of the walker/trainer. Most dogs have a strong instinct to lead or pull if allowed to be in the front position. The challenge is to control the dog by eliminating the forward momentum or “working dog” sensation.

Halo harness encourages a side by side walking/training position, with a unique side mid-point attachment at the dogs center of gravity that controls the body and legs.

Keeping your dog in a tight side by side position teaches proper walking habits. This takes time and practice. When you dog starts to pull, a slight tug of the leash offsets your dog’s forward momentum by creating resistance on the body at your dog’s center of gravity. We believe that tugging on the dog’s body center, not at the neck and spine, is a more humane and effective way to train and walk your dog.
The additional top rail (halo) allows you to maintain a side by side position. The halo allows the leash to slide from left to right so you can quickly change direction without tangling the leash and maintain optimal walking control.

We offer an enhanced solution for training that helps control pulling while eliminating constricting and potential damage to the neck.

We do not claim to be an instant or miracle device in answer to all the “No Pull” claims, but we truly believe Halo is a better solution to control and eliminate pulling through proper training and use.

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