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The Halo Harness Development - How the Magic Was Made!

The Halo Harness Development - How the Magic Was Made!
When you first come up with a cool product concept you initially think it is more straight forward than you realize. Then reality sets in and you start to get into the details and process of making a great product. Below is a bit of insight into what we went through to get to our initial prototype and final sample of the Halo Harness.
The Process:
Over 18 months we tested materials and construction and received final samples. As you can see, our team went through a fairly extensive process with prototype and materials to assure you and your dog have the best product we can produce.
Initial Concept:
The Halo Harness started like many great ideas. Seeing a need and wanting to create something better. Initial drawings with the team were put together quickly and then the team dove into materials and construction. As you can see the side control concept and fit of the harness came together rather quickly.
Development of the Harness:
Our first step was to develop rough prototypes for the harness so that we could test on various dogs sizes and breeds. We knew we had to get the fit correct in order for the dogs to be comfortable and for the side control to work effectively.  We tested on over 200 dogs and spent countless hours at our local dog parks getting feedback from pet owners. We also managed to make a few more furry friends during this time also. 
First Sample Prototypes:
We developed a number for prototypes for fitting and materials and once we felt we had the initial concept we moved onto getting the specific sizes figured out. We did another round of dog park visits and made more furry friends and in between we made more refinements via some creative dog stand-ins. At this time we also refined the cable/attachment mechanism to understand the force and strain it would put on the harness to see if it needed any refinements. 
Final Product Samples:
Once we confirmed fit and finish we received our final product samples. 
Final Harness:

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