Halo Harness

The humane and caring way to keep control of your dog and encourage the optimal side-by-side walking position

Introducing Halo Harness

Humane and Caring

The Halo Harness and all Halo products are developed with your dogs best interest in mind

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Grow and Donate

Our Grow Up Program allows you to trade up your old Halo Harness for $20 and we'll donate your old Halo Harness to the SPCA

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Buy with Confidence

Free shipping on orders over $20, Try It for 30 days program, and limited lifetime warranty on all Halo Harness products

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20% of Your Purchase Will Be Donated to ASPCA

During the Corona crisis SPCA's are in need of help & funding. We will donate 20% of every sale to help offset donations that have been effected.

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Control and Convenience

Optimal Position

Optimal control within the anatomically positioned core center of gravity- at the dog’s side mid-point.

Quick Side to Side Control

Quickly sweeps left to right for easy city walking and maintains that optimal side walking position and no leash tangle.

Eliminate Pain and Discomfort

Eliminates strain and damage to sensitive trachea, vertebrae, esophagus, and jugular. No more gasping, choking, and other issues you get with a traditional collar.

Quality and Comfort

Swiss Made Pull Points

We built quality into every Halo Harness. The engineering grade Swiss made nylon attachment points were tested to over 300 pounds ensuring your dog is safe and secure

Cool and Comfortable

Premium fabrics keep your dog cool and comfortable and the webbing and buckle system was designed and tested to be safe and snug on many dog sizes and shapes

What Size Do I Need?

It's easy to get the right size and our generous return policy makes it stress free to make sure you get the right one for your dog. Check out this great article on size and fit of the Halo Harness

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